What is LinkedIn and why do I need it?  LinkedIn 101.

Whether you are a human resources, sales or marketing professional or a business owner, a complete profile is a must. To understand how LinkedIn works, click here.

Specializing in writing and creating ‘ALL STAR” level LinkedIn profiles, we offer clients the following:

  • 120 Character Headline (SEO)
  • 60-75 word summary of experience and skills
  • Description of current position and past two positions
  • Completion of all other mandatory (for All Star level) fields including industry, location, education, volunteer/causes and organizations supported
  • Identification of at least five skills (for Endorsements)
  • Identification of at least three industry groups to join and why
  • Identification of at least three companies to follow and why
  • A process to solicit at least three recommendations
  • One hour training including ‘LinkedIn Cheat Sheet’ including how to connect, how to post, cold call/email

Please connect with me via LinkedIn or through my contact page

* ALL-STAR requires 50 connections which the client must accomplish (with our guidance).